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Would Your Garage Doors Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Residents in the city of Elk Grove, CA already know the answer to this (what’s supposed to be) playful question. For some reason, police have reported a shockingly high increase in reports of people “slamming themselves into garage doors” for no particular reason other than to cause damage. According to police, this doesn’t seem to be an attempt at a break-in but rather a form of vandalism—and perhaps zombies in the making getting in a little practice.zombie apocalypse

While it might sound equal parts ridiculous and humorous, it’s actually causing “thousands of dollars in damage” as reported by the local CBS13 news station. In June, there were 11 reports in just two weeks of “bodies slamming into garage doors” and residents have already ponied up a princely sum for repairs and replacements. The denting and damage caused can be severe and one can only wonder how much denting and damaging the perpetrators have sustained.

A Form of Hazing?

Particularly popular is Generations Drive, with resident Todd Barnes saying, “I called a repair guy out and he took one look at it and in 10 seconds he said, ‘Yeah, this is toast. You’ve got to replace it.’ That was the last thing I expected.” For Barnes, this zombie vs. garage door showdown meant he could no longer open his garage door, which struggled while “making strange noises.” The entire door needed replacing.
The good news is that anyone who runs into garage doors for kicks probably isn’t bright enough to tell the difference between a quality garage door and one that’s past its prime. As if you needed more incentive to ensure the quality and safety of your garage door, this is it. While the garage door hungry zombies haven’t seemed to spread outside of this California town yet, everyone knows how quickly these types of epidemics move.

Child’s Play

Another Elk Grove resident, Anthony Ibarra, says he saw the alleged zombies wreaking havoc at 2am. “Kids hopped out and ran as fast as they could pretty much and kicked in the garage, and hopped back in the car. One of the kids said, ‘I broke the glass’ and they drove off.” Another resident who chooses to remain anonymous (likely to protect her garage) said, “I’m thinking it’s young kids looking for summer fun, but it’s not really fun because we have to pay for it. It’s reckless, you know?”

How much is the destruction costing? That depends on the damage and type of garage door. However, if you want to up your zombie plan strategy, start with maintaining or replacing garage doors—it’s clearly become the new trend.

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