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When Overhead Doors Save Lives

Picture this, you’re a character in a drama, action or horror movie that just so happens to be filmed at a mall—instinctively, you know that a store with overhead doors is going to provide more security than any other type of interior door. It’s been showcased time and again, but most famously in “Dawn of the Dead” (both in the 1978 and 2004 version). In the original, JC Penney’s doors are prominently featured and the characters feel relatively safe hanging out inside the store as the zombies stumble about on the other side of the roller grill.


In the 2004 version, Andy, the gun store owner across the street from the mall, meets his untimely demise well before the mall dwellers since his exterior doors couldn’t hold up to the assault, leaving him dehydrated on the roof. There are countless other films showcasing the security of malls, such as “Bad Santa” which required an inside job in order to infiltrate the system.


Best Overhead Doors for Security


As a business owner or renter of commercial space, it’s important to understand the varying levels of security that exterior garage doors provide. A roll up grill business unitsis common in malls and on docks. Superior to “regular” security doors in every sense, they’re nearly impossible to break through. If they can stand up against a zombie apocalypse, you can rest easy knowing your products are tucked away behind the best overhead doors.


“Do I need roll up doors?” is one of the first questions people ask themselves when looking at a property from a criminal’s perspective. From the best garage doors to premium roll up doors, it would take a very skilled and well-equipped criminal with time to spare to get through these access points. Compared to even a solid core door with a kickplate and deadbolt, arguably the best exterior door for your home, an overhead door will always come out on top.


Real Situations


While Hollywood films might provide hours of entertainment, don’t overlook the importance of security in real situations. Famously, the “silent hero” of the Clackamas Mall shooting in Portland, Oregon was Vanessa Ogden. Right after the first shots were fired, the owner of the store Justice corralled employees and customers alike into the back room of the store, secured the roller doors and kept everyone safe until the shooter was taken down.


Even when police arrived, she refused to open the doors until she saw badges. This was a case of a true hero who had the necessary equipment to save countless lives. What are your commercial overhead doors doing for you—and could they do better?



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