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Three Things You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Garage

flammable material

Your residential garage might seem like the perfect catch-all storage space, especially if you’re sporting new doors with excellent insulation. If you’re a pack rat, the extra space helps keep your collecting habits in check so they don’t take over your living area. But be careful—not every item is fit to be stored in a garage. The recent Pennsylvania incident where a garage full of fireworks exploded, injuring two people, is an example of garage storage solutions gone wrong. Police are still investigating what set off the stash, but having the equivalent of a mini-bomb sitting in your garage is never a good idea.

Keep in mind that temperatures can fluctuate in garages and that they’re often a target for thieves. Here are a few items (besides fireworks) that need storage areas separate from your car and BBQ:

1. Photo Albums

Even though many have made the transition to cloud technology, many others still have hard-copy photo albums which are priceless. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Extreme temperature fluctuations, potential water damage (you’re less likely to notice a leak in the garage than in the home) and break-ins, especially if your garage door isn’t up to snuff, can all destroy these memories. If you have something invaluable, keep it stored indoors.

2. Toxic Chemicals

This is particularly important if you have children or pets. Anything that’s poisonous deserves a little more safeguarding than putting it on a shelf (or—worse—a floor) in your garage. Of course, if it’s only adults in the home, you might be in the clear. Just remember that you might not have your eye on a little one (furry or not) 100 percent of the time when they’re in the garage.

3. Anything Flammable

Any flammable item should be kept far away from engines and motors. Otherwise, you’re sitting on a huge fire hazard—sometimes literally, if your bedroom is above the garage. Keep flammable items in a more secure location where you’ll know immediately if there’s a problem. Adding a smoke alarm to the garage is also a good idea.

The garage is a fantastic storage place, but it often goes unmonitored. If you don’t use it daily to park the car, it could be weeks before you notice a problem. From infestations to black mold caused by a minor leak, don’t let your garage get out of control. Maintain it regularly, invest in a durable door for safety and store wisely.

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