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The Importance of Garage Door Sensors

Whether for residential or commercial use, a new and fully functional garage door isn’t just important for keeping your belongings safe—it’s also a must for families. In Ajman, United Arab Emirates, a four-year-old boy was fatally crushed by his family’s automatic garage door. In late August, a Garage Door Sensorneighbor passing by noticed the child trapped and immediately notified the family who was inside. However, by the time police arrived, the child was deceased.

According to Major Ebrahim Al Sheihi, the call came in at nearly 10pm and paramedics raced to the home, but it was too late. The forensic reports confirmed that skull fractures were the cause of death. When police began investigating, they found that there were indeed sensors on the garage door, but they weren’t working properly. “The child’s body was small,” says police, but that’s no excuse when newer garage doors are designed to sense even the smallest of objects (like a foot) to prevent harm.

A Garage Door Check in the UAE

The family isn’t speaking to the media anymore, but the mother said that she thinks her son followed her into the garage earlier in the night and she never noticed. For now, the Deputy Director of Ajman Police is urging everyone in the UAE to test their garage doors. Keeping a closer eye on small children, and not leaving them unattended, is another police-backed reminder.

In such a wealthy country, villas that have automatic garage door openers are fairly new and come equipped with the latest technology. This likely wasn’t an old and outdated garage door—which is proof that routine maintenance, tests and inspections are a must no matter how new the door is. It’s recommended that sensors be tested at least once a month, and it can be as simple as placing a brick in the path of the door to make sure it’s detected and that the garage doors stop or lift before it’s impacted.

Tough Lessons

Properly working garage doors aren’t just a must for families with children. A malfunctioning door can just as easily crush a pet, foot or valuable property. Proper installation and professional maintenance is also a key part in optimizing safety—this shouldn’t be a DIY installation project.

Bear in mind that not all malfunctioning doors complain with creaks, shaky openings or loud shaking. Sometimes the most dangerous malfunctions are the silent ones. Without a working sensor, those heavy garage doors will do their job one way or another, sometimes with deadly results.

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