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Spring Cleaning Starts with Maintaining Your Overhead Doors

Loading Dock

Proper maintenance is needed for your overhead door, loading dock, roll-up door or other type of garage door your business may have. Consider it the entry point to your spring cleaning. You might need to put a (literal) new “spring” in your step — and — business, since those small parts are often the quickest to wear out. And if your garage, storage or dock space is where your inventory comes, goes or gets stored, it’s the prime place to start spring inventory.

Unfortunately, many businesses, commercial spaces and industrial sites quickly overlook the storage/garage area when it comes to cleaning, uncluttering and checking for safety. Now that the temperatures are rising and you’re getting ready for the summer shopping and activity season, make sure your entire commercial space is up to snuff — starting with your overhead doors and what they protect.

Here are the major reasons cleaning starts with your garage and storage, and how to go about it:

1. It’s where pests, problems and vulnerabilities can hide

Maybe you have a rat infestation, termites have taken over your stored furniture inventory, or you have hidden mildew or mold from an outdated overhead door that offers zero insulation. These spaces are often dark, regularly missed when cleaning and easy to keep pushing down your to-do list, but the sooner you catch problems, the easier and more affordable they are to correct. Storage areas like garages require updated, maintained doors in order to keep problems out.

2. It’s a necessary safety precaution

Maybe you’ve heard that annoying creak every time you lift the overhead door, or perhaps you know it’s been way too long since your last inspection. However, for commercial property owners, putting off door maintenance isn’t just dangerous — it can also lead to a lawsuit. Should a distributor, employee or customer get hurt due to faulty or ill-maintained doors, that legal issue is landing right on your lap.

3. It follows the outside-in approach

Ask any professional cleaners what the best way is to tackle a big space and they’ll tell you to choose one section at a time and move from the outside in. Obviously, the farthest reaches of your commercial space often include your storage or garage space. Tackle it first, because that’s where a lot of clutter collects. Plus, you’ll want a spacious, clear, clean space to re-pack your inventory for storage.

4. It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to maintain

Shockingly, overhead doors are often much more affordable to repair and replace than smaller entrance doors. Even if you need or want a brand-new overhead door, it won’t ding your budget as badly as you think. That’s a great way to go into the spring: with a welcome surprise when it comes to maintenance fees.

Is spring cleaning on your to do list? You still have plenty of time, but don’t put it off much longer. Call Canyon Overhead Doors for help with any necessary maintenance and repairs to your entry points.

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