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Should Your Garage Door Be Connected to the Internet?

Home automation is all the rage—in fact, the most expensive home in the UK recently sold largely because it featured oodles of home automation. From controlling your fireplace to the lights and sprinkler system, you no longer have to get off the couch for much of anything. All it takes is a swipe, tap or click of your tablet, and your automation wishes are at your fingertips. The latest in home automation takes a step away from fancy thermostats to focus on something a little more utilitarian: Your garage door.Smart Garage Door

You already have a garage door opener clipped to your car’s visor, but is that becoming a peasant’s idea of technology? Maybe you want something a little smarter. You’re aching for the biggest door in your home to be controllable via your phone, whether you’re rolling up to the garage after work or jetting off on a private excursion to the Galapagos (because you do that now).

Oh, and this garage door controller of the future is savvy enough to know that when you turn off the lights and lock the door between the house and garage, it anticipates what’s next and auto opens the garage door on cue.

Welcome to the Future! You’re the First One Here

The garage automation technology available today includes a tiny gadget that’s attached to the garage door opener (the piece that actually lifts the door—not the one attached to your visor). It’s tapped in to a “hub” (which costs extra) that’s then connected to your router. You get an app for complete control over the garage door. The app is designed to play nicely with other Z-Wave technology, the most in-demand home automation protocol available.

However, what you really want to know is, “Does it work?” After all, your old school garage door opener works perfectly well (hopefully), and do you really need to control your garage door from your yacht as you sail the Caribbean? The good news: Installing it is easy (as in Luddite easy). You can go from opening the box to playing with your new app in under 20 minutes flat.

Ups and Downs

Overall, the reviews for automated garage door technology are positive. They’re being dubbed simple to customize, they work flawlessly and (let’s face it), they’re pretty cool. However, there are complaints about Z-Wave and not just with garage door technology. If one of the many devices you install gets unplugged, the whole system shuts down.

So do you need a smart garage door? It falls more into the want category—and a quality garage door itself is probably a better first investment.

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