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Should You Billboard Your Garage Door?

Is your roll up door left wanting? Some people want more than “just” a temple or castle—they want to really customize their home. Garage door billboards are the finishing touches some homeowners can’t resist. It’s kind of like getting a tattoo. Sure, you know the original clean slate is a work of art itself, but like Madonna said, sometimes you just have to express yourself. Garage door billboards come in a variety of designs, and you can even personalize yours by having a photo, meme or text turned into a billboard.

Billboards aren’t stickers. They’re big, stable and thin covers that are made from a washable material. You can add them or remove them as you please with no marks left behind on your garage door. While often “billed” as garage door billboards, they can actually be applied to any smooth surface via a special double-sided tape.

Garage Door Billboard

Photo By: Solvinaward.com

However, they come in sizes to fit a variety of garage doors. What better accessory to your brand new garage door than a temporary work of art?

Those Creative Juices

In a fantasy world, what do you imagine inside your garage? A zoo of animals? A Lamborghini? Sheer paradise? Embrace your imagination and give the neighbors something to smile about during their next stroll. However, it’s a good idea to steer clear of anything that looks too realistic (and tempting). A bumbling criminal might really think you have stacks of gold bars just sitting there and decide to come sniffing around your house a little more.

Popular choices include the illusion of steel doors, landscapes such as mountains, rivers or the beach, ornate doors, temples (think the Taj Mahal) and special seasonal offerings. You can swap out your garage billboards with Halloween-esque options, winter holiday scenes or even a stable of horses. 3D is also an option. Not only is it a showstopper, it gives you that pop of color you don’t quite want to commit to by painting your house an unusual shade.

When Enough is Enough

Playing with the equivalent of a house temporary tattoo is great, but remember this isn’t an actual cover. It’s not going to enhance the stability of your garage doors—it’s not a Band-Aid. These billboards are best used over quality garage doors with smooth surfaces, free of dents, chips and peeling. They aren’t a cheap fix, but a way to play with and enhance an existing high quality door or simply to help celebrate a holiday.

Consider them the cherry on an already sweet door, and have fun with it. Who says your dreams of owning a chopper or even a unicorn have to be shelved? With the right billboard, you can fill your garage with magical stuff.

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