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San Jose Burglars Gain Access Via Roll Up Door


The last quarter of each year is when businesses move into the black, but subpar roll up doors proved to be the undoing of one business. Discount Hydroponics in San Jose, California was targeted in a string of burglaries last November. Around 11pm, police responded to a burglar alarm at the locally owned retailer on Houret Court only to find that the exterior roll-up door had been forced open. The burglars—who still remain at large—then propped open the door with a 4×4.

According to police, the thieves initially gained access by cutting a hole into the thin metal door, unlocking it, and then held the roll-up door up while they cleaned out the family-owned business. A number of “miscellaneous electronics” were stolen such as televisions, computers, printers, DVR recorders and monitors. It’s estimated that around $2,500 in goods were taken before the burglars either couldn’t carry/load any more or they were scared off by the alarms.

Taking Care of Business

Like many small businesses, the owners of Discount Hydroponics thought their security was “good enough.” However, exterior doors, whether dock doors, roll-up or another style, are the only thing standing between your business (and livelihood) and opportunistic burglars. Rarely do criminals stake out their marks well in advance. Instead, they seize the moment when they see it—such as an unlocked door or a roll-up door that’s easy to access.

For a lot of business owners, upgrading their doors isn’t a top priority. Instead, they’re overwhelmed with the bottom line, customer service, ensuring their employees are happy and trying to get on board with mobile readiness if they have a website. The daily nuts and bolts of the operation, including security, is often put to the side to deal with more pressing matters.

The Fastest, Easiest Upgrade

Surprisingly, high quality and high tech overhead doors are a lot more affordable than many businesses realize. They’re also the number one way to prevent theft and vandalism. For such large entry points, they’re budget friendly and (if well maintained) can last for several years. However, many business owners will admit they can’t recall the last time their doors were upgraded—and some can’t even remember the last time they were serviced.

A loss of $2,500 can be devastating to some small businesses, so consider it a lesson learned the easy way. Anyone can be the next Discount Hydroponics, but security is in your control. Make sure exterior doors are top quality and you’ll force thieves onto greener pastures.

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