Residential Garage Doors in Salt Lake City and surrounding Northern Utah areas:

Remember the other day when you were trapped in your garage because the sensor wasn’t working (again)? How about last week when you had to park your collector car in the driveway because the garage door was off track and this time you couldn’t muscle your way inside? Whether you’re dealing with door damage, an electrical system that goes haywire or a sensor that has a serious attitude, it’s time you stopped settling when it comes to the safety and convenience of your own home. Canyon Overhead Doors specializes in servicing our Salt Lake County neighbors who deserve a fully-functioning garage door.

Four car garage doors made of wood and brick


Your garage is much more than “just” a place to park the family car. It’s also the storage unit where your prized possessions are kept, including expensive tools and those holiday decorations. It might double as a work space, yoga studio or other retreat. Unfortunately, it also comes with some overhead doors that can have issues if they’re not maintained or need repairs. Many things can go wrong, but putting off getting them fixed makes you and your home a target for criminals.


Keeping Safe


If an overhead door isn’t at 100 percent, it might be easy for a burglar to get inside. Once these criminals get in, they have all the time in the world to take off with prized possessions or—worse—get inside the home since that flimsy door separating the garage from the house isn’t going to keep anyone out. If you or your loved ones are home when this happens, that can spell big trouble.


On the other hand, you might “just” be opening yourself up to a devalued home. When the garage door isn’t working perfectly, buyers won’t be willing to pay you the best price for your beautiful home. Whether you’re considering selling the property, just want to make sure your possessions and family are safe, or are just tired of dealing with a cranky door, it’s time to call in the pros.

The Easy Life


At Canyon Overhead Doors of Salt Lake City, Utah, our residential garage door professionals come equipped with a full-service vehicle and the skills to fix any and every garage door. We’ve seen it all, and our parts department is always well stocked with products from Amarr to Wayne Dalton and everything in between. We understand how important it is to have your home safeguarded and in full working condition. That’s impossible when access to the garage is tricky or denied altogether.


Stop hoping for the best, turning a blind eye to that faulty track or crossing your fingers that you won’t wake up the family with a noisy door. Garage door fixes and repairs are often faster, easier and much more affordable than many homeowners think. Get things “back on track” today—starting with a free consultation.