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Prepping Your Garage for Garage Sale Season


It’s only natural—you just had a gorgeous overhead garage door installed and now you want to show it off. Any excuse will do, but why not make the most of your new space and start spring cleaning early? Garage sale season is right around the corner, and unlike your neighbors who have to depend on driveways and lawns to sell their goods, you have a stunning space that’s covered, dry and comfortable. The latest garage doors have stellar insulation, keeping the garage temperate and perfect for browsing.


However, there’s more to pulling off a profitable garage sale than the right environment (although that’s crucial). If you’re ready to really make the most of your garage this season, consider this the ultimate guide to hosting a sale for the record books. All you need is a little effort, creativity and of course a garage that’s in great working order—you wouldn’t want that faulty track to suddenly shut close on a prospective customer.



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1. It’s All About Marketing


Those traditional signs around the neighborhood are still a great tool, but don’t forget to post an ad on Craigslist. For the physical signs, utilize someone you know with great handwriting, and don’t forget to add the dates. Cross streets and time are also an important factor. Make it as easy on your customers as possible.


2. To Sticker or not to Sticker?


Whether or not you put prices on the items is up to you. Some browsers will bargain no matter what, while others want you to be up front about it. No matter what, make sure the lighting in your garage is good enough to see the items along with the prices.


3. Don’t Let Nostalgia get the Best of You


Remember that old garage door that you clung to for way too long? Sure, it only worked half the time and the electrical system was shot, but it still (basically) did the job. When it comes to cleaning out your unwanted items, don’t let nostalgia get the best of you this time around, too. Let go of things that you no longer use and don’t let memories get in the way of a fair price.


4. Rally the Troops


Don’t have quite enough items for a good garage sale? Ask your family, friends and neighbors if they’d like to chip in. Everyone likes to earn some extra spending money, and since you’re the one hosting in your garage, it’s the perfect opportunity to bond over some old school traditions. Just make sure you keep track of who sold what.


5. Cleanliness is Next to Revenue


A clean garage, just like a clean retail space, encourages people to stay and shop longer. Make sure the garage door is working properly, indulge in a good sweeping and check for oil spots. People want to feel welcome, even in your garage, and depending on a gorgeous and sleek overhead door isn’t enough.


Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the catharsis of getting rid of the old. Summer’s around the corner, and you need to make room for the new—whatever it may be.

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