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New Garage Doors: The Secret to Selling Your Home

It’s a fine balance for a home seller—just like many things in life, you need to spend money in order to make money. But if it’s the price of your home, how much is too much? Curb appeal counts for a lot, and it’s neck and neck with a home’s security in terms of a buyer’s preference and priorities. Replacing or repairing your garage door is one of the best ways to instantly boost the appearance of your home as well as the security. It’s the double whammy of mini home makeovers, and it’d be just in time for peak buying season.Garage Door

A garage door can make up 20 to 40 percent of a home’s exterior square footage. It’s a huge selling point, but it’s also real estate you can be blind to. You often don’t see it since you’re already fumbling for your house keys or dreaming about that bubble bath as the garage doors slide up, instantly hiding that peeling spot or major dent.

But home buyers will notice—and they’ll be turned off.

Easier Than Gardening

When 300 real estate agents were polled by StrataMark Dynamic Solutions and asked if garage door aesthetics impacted the price of a home, almost 100 percent said garage doors were a major curb appeal player. In fact, 75 percent said a new door leads to a higher sales price.
A new and improved door can also inject some much needed character and style, too. From contemporary to carriage, there are scores of styles available. All glass and total view aluminum are appealing to the chic, futuristic types, while a bright pop of color lends cheeriness to an otherwise neutral landscape.

What Buyer’s Want

If you’re replacing your garage door in preparation for a sale, it’s best to go with high quality meets mass appeal (in other words, maybe keep that bright pink option in mind for your new home). However, also keep in mind that safeguarding the property and future homeowners is a key selling point. Garage doors are the primary way to get into a home, and upgrading to a keyless entry pad and electric model is hugely convenient and much safer.

It’s pretty easy to know what buyers want—good looks and flawless performance (kind of like in dating). When you make your home the Cadillac of options, you get the negotiating leverage you deserve. And the buyers? They get gorgeous garage doors, which is the perfect Welcome Home.

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