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Keep Garages Cool in the Summer

Whether it’s your residential garage that houses holiday decorations and convertibles or a commercial garage storing inventory and machinery, keeping your garage cool in the summer is important. It all starts with the right insulation—and that includes overhead doors. The best garage insulation in the world isn’t going to help much if you allow cool air to escape through subpar overhead doors. Summer is the season for both heat and burglaries, so get prepared now for a care-free summer.


Great garage doors can help reduce overheating by allowing for minimal gaps and quality insulation. Whether or not you choose to actually cool your garage is Typical two car wooden oak car garageup to you, what you’re storing and where you live. In some cases, such as garages doubling as living spaces in Arizona, it’ll be crucial to route the A/C or install another cooling device into the garage even when using the best doors—however, the right doors can help trap that cool air inside.


The Importance of Quality Locks


Why not just leave the garage door up to let out that stifling heat? That may be doable during the day, assuming there are people home and keeping an eye on the garage. However, the door connecting the garage to the home usually isn’t the most secure, it’s often easy to break into and might be irresistible for burglars. Even if criminals are not that aggressive, most garages are treasure troves and it’s easy for someone to run inside, grab some of your favorite tools and take off even when you’re sitting a few feet away in the living room.


Not only should garage doors themselves be made of the highest quality, they should also come with great locks. Every exterior door to a residence or business is a prime spot for a break-in. While it’s tempting to just leave the doors up to keep a garage from overheating, that’s simply not the best approach. Instead, focus on insulation and keeping items safely locked up. Even something as seemingly minor as a stolen bike or inventory box can cost you thousands of dollars.


Why Garages Collect Heat and How to Avoid It


Garages are heat boxes because they’re often not well insulated, have no air flow and some directly face the hot summer sun. So why upgrade? When you have the best commercial garage doors for summer, you’re taking a big step in reducing collected heat. The right insulated garage door can make a big difference in trapping the cool while keeping the hot out. If possible, avoid or cover windows that face a setting sun.


Finally, if you’re about to install a standalone garage or addition, pay attention to where the sun will be shining. Tuck a garage into a shady area if possible, and have the door and/or windows facing the rising sun before the worst of the heat strikes. “Airing out” a garage throughout the day is a good idea as long as you don’t leave it unattended. Just like you, your garage needs a little TLC to make it through the summer months.



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