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Is Your Old Garage Door Trapping Temperatures?

Whether residential or commercial, garage doors need insulation. Does walking into your garage feel like stepping into an oven in the summer and an ice box in the winter? If you have an outdated garage door, that’s probably the culprit. Old doors aren’t known for their insulation prowess—but Garage Door
The Best Repellantneither are cheap, low quality newer doors. It’s how summertime heat sneaks in during the hot months and why chilly temperatures linger in the winter.

Updating an old or low quality garage door is the single best thing you can do for temperature control in this part of your home. A modern, steel insulated door helps regulate temperatures and (in turn) protect your stored items. You’re not going to enjoy a well-tuned machine—from your car to lawn mower—if it is battling swinging temperatures. Those precious keepsakes can get ruined if they’re exposed to extreme heat and cold, too.
As summer comes to a close and cooler temperatures start to creep in, autumn is the best time to update your doors.

A modernized door repels heat and sunshine, providing a more effective and constant internal temperature. As an added bonus, modern doors are going to add some serious curb appeal. Those garage doors take up a lot of the home’s exterior space—after all, they are the biggest exterior door you have. Replacing them is quicker and easier than a fresh paint job over the entire home, and you can customize them to complement the architecture, current décor or your own unique taste.

Another option is adding insulation panels if your garage door is relatively new. Choose panels from the same manufacturer and they’ll usually snap into the pre-fabricated interior slots. This optimizes efficiency while offering a quieter closing and opening. However, your garage door isn’t the only place where you can improve insulation.

Kitting Out the Garage

Your garage’s ceiling and walls should be sheet rocked and insulated, with special attention paid to northern exposure. That’s where the cold weather is really hardcore. Rock the walls, tape the joints and then apply one or two coats of white latex paint. This is a relatively simple DIY project, or an affordable one for a contractor.

Not only does this improve your insulation, but it also brightens up the space and makes it appear larger. Since your garage is often the first place you see when you come home, make it a little more hospitable. It sets the stage for the rest of the evening.

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