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Is Your Garage Door Secure?

Garage Burglar

A secure garage door is a necessity, but it’s something many homeowners don’t have. Burglars are using simple coat hangers to break into garages, and a video dubbed “The Six Second Trick” is to blame. This clip that went viral shows you how to quickly open many locked garage doors by jimmying them with a wire hanger. A local Kernersville news station decided to give it a go themselves to find out just how easy it is.

The result? It’s surprisingly (and scarily) simplistic. Local installer Bobby Siemens agrees that it’s easy to put a hanger over a garage door, snag the release cord and ultimately disable an electric garage door to raise it manually. “The everyday hanger just pulled it and popped it,” he says. Local resident Jim Myers said the break-in video scared him, and he upped his garage door security with a zip tie.

A Quick Fix?

Like Myers, a number of North Carolina residents are rushing for the zip-tie fix, which has gained in popularity so much that it got its own video. However, electric garage door manufacturers are warning homeowners that zip ties can be a big mistake. It prevents electric doors from being able to stop if an animal or person gets stuck under the door. “If someone breaks in, you can replace your automobile. A child you can’t replace,” Siemens warned.

Unfortunately, these warnings aren’t being heeded. Myers said he’s sticking with the zip tie because he’s sure the photo eye sensors will work in a pinch. “Plus, it’s not that high that I couldn’t cut it with a pocketknife if I had to,” he explains. These kinds of makeshift solutions might work, but at what cost? A better approach is upgrading your garage door and perhaps installing accessories like a deadbolt on the door leading from the garage to the house.

Time for an Upgrade

With so many garage doors on the market, it’s impossible to say they’re all vulnerable to something as simple as a coat hanger. The bigger issue is that many homeowners don’t maintain their garage doors and they wait until the last possible moment to upgrade them. Though they’re the biggest, most often used entry point to the home, garage doors are often ignored.

Breaking in with a wire is nothing new, but it is trending in certain parts of the country. Want to keep you, your family and your belongings safe? Schedule an inspection for your garage doors, and if they’re outdated, consider a replacement. As BBQ-grill shopping season sneaks up on you, it will be prime time to keep those items secure with quality garage doors that can stand up to a coat hanger (and a lot more).

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