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Ideas for Using Garage Space

If you don’t use your garage for what it was made for—storing the car—there are plenty of more innovative uses for this large space. After all, it takes up a lot of space and can be so much more than the “junk drawer” of the home. A garage can be a great living space and it’s relatively easy to hook up electricity, heat, extra lighting, water and insulation in this area. Of course, it all starts with the right security—and that starts with the right garage door. Once that’s in place, your imagination’s the limit.


A garage as a craft space is a great idea, whether you’re into quilting, woodworking or any other crafty endeavor. In fact, a number of businesses are even popping up around the country based solely in garages. It’s a big space, perfect for a startup or to host your own crafting club. Simply add personal touches and comfortable seating, and you’ll be in business.


What a Tool


Garages are already common places to store tools, but you can turn it into a veritable workshop. Safely store your machinery, knowing that a high quality Two car wooden garageoverhead door will make it tough for burglars to get inside. In metro areas, workspaces can be costly, especially for skilled carpenters and artists who work with larger materials, and a garage is the perfect money saver. They’re also great for those who want to work from home but need an insulated area to avoid disturbing the rest of the family.


Likewise, garages are a superb “anything goes” place to play. You can add baby gates throughout the area, lay down rubber matting or carpeting, and never have to worry about cleaning things up immediately. If you’re tired of sharing your home with My Little Ponies and action figures, maybe it’s time to pony up that space to the kids. Imagine how thrilled you would have been to have your very own play pit.


It’s for the Birds


You may not be able to fulfill your dream of a fully functioning bed and breakfast in a garage—but you can certainly offer it up for the birds. Exotic birds are a passion for many, but they can be messy and require a lot of space. One avian lover, Peggy McLeod, changed her Massachusetts garage into a haven for birds complete with soundproofing and surface areas that were easy to clean. Climbing stations were everywhere, but it was dark enough so her charges could get some shut eye.


From dance spaces to man caves, a garage can be just about anything you imagine. If you don’t need it for storing the car, or would rather use it for something else, what’s holding you back? Just make sure you have a high quality door protecting the area from peeping Toms and burglars, and then the only limit you’re facing is your imagination (and a budget if you’re envisioning a Batman-esque play area).


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