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How Overhead Doors Help You Sell

Imagine this: You’re a retailer with a shop in an indoor mall, strip mall or shopping center. You keep pretty regular business hours, closing early on Sundays and you know that mall walkers and window shoppers are probably checking out your displays even when the store is closed. Maybe you have a small window display, but otherwise the mall management has pretty strict guidelines when it comes to advertising on the exterior of the building (which you don’t own).

You’re missing out on a grand marketing opportunity if you don’t have the right overhead doors. If your overhead doors are similar to garage roll up doors and make it impossible to see what’s behind them, you’re opting out of a huge showcase. Take a look at your neighbors and competitors who may have gorgeous displays that can be seen through secure, Adding Value To Your Home with an Overhead Doorrolling grille doors. Are you missing out on sales just because of your door choice?

The Security Conundrum

You might convince yourself that since customers can’t see your latest display, burglars can’t either. That’s certainly true, but if you’re in a mall location then have a little faith in the security systems. With cameras, a high traffic area and perhaps security guards on duty around the clock, you’re not in a very vulnerable position to become a victim of theft. Plus, if you consider just how secure overhead doors for commercial properties are, it’s easy to rest easy and feel protected.

Quality overhead doors for retailers are designed to withstand even the most valiant of break-in attempts. Created with the toughest of materials, thieves will likely move on to greener pastures. The benefits of roll up doors simply outweigh any perceived cons. What if that faithful mall walker spots one of your high end displays and realizes it’s exactly what he needs? That might be a hefty profit in the making.

Use Your Real Estate

If you had an entire page in the local newspaper for an advertisement, would you opt to use just a small square inch of it? Probably not—but it’s the same thing if you opt for the wrong roll up doors. That’s prime marketing space, and you need to make the most of it. You’re already paying for prime space for advertising, since it’s built in to the price of your monthly lease, and ignoring it is akin to tossing marketing dollars down the drain.

Dust off your creativity and see your door frame for what it is: A frame for marketing prowess. How are you going to show off your latest products?

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