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Homeowners are Spending Home Improvement Dollars on the Wrong Door

Ask an average homeowner which door to upgrade as a home improvement project and most will say the front door. It’s where holiday wreaths are hung, where neighborhood kids come knocking for tricks or treats, and it’s the first entryway guests often use. However, Jim Lett—past president of the International Door Association—says this is the wrong choice. “The garage door is used more often, it commands more curb appeal, and price-wise it’s a great bargain.”

Garage DoorSome savvy homeowners are catching on, and not just for security reasons. Obviously, the biggest exterior door facing the street has the most potential for curb appeal. There’s a trend happening where garage doors aren’t just replaced for protection but also for style and aesthetics. Think about it. Garage doors are easily seen from the street, but many front doors are hidden beneath patios and behind decorations.

A new garage door gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Redefining “Front Door”

You might think the front door is your home’s primary entrance, but recent results from a Harris Interactive survey says otherwise. It turns out the garage door is the primary access door in the US. An astounding 45 percent of homeowners report they usually use their garage to enter their home—and the front door? It trailed behind at 35 percent. In fact, front doors are so neglected that most homeowners no longer even carry the key. Instead, the garage door opener has taken over.

There was a time when Realtors told everyone that the front door was the number one target for curb appeal. “It’s the first thing visitors see,” is no longer sound advice. It seems apparent that the garage door can pack a lot more punch, especially now that it’s the “new” front door. However, there are still many people needlessly overspending on the traditional front door that’s becoming more of an accessory than a utilitarian part of the home.

Get More, Cheaper

Of course garage doors are much bigger than front doors—and yet they’re much more affordable to replace. There are quality bargain and luxury options, but the average garage door retails for around $1,500. Compare that to an entry door in fiberglass for $2,800 and you can nearly cut your spending in half, reports the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report. If you really want to go upscale with a garage door, it can cost you $2,800-ish for the best, whereas you could go over $7,000 for a top of the line front door.

Why wouldn’t you snag five times the curb appeal for a fraction of the cost? Plus, with today’s limitless options, customization and state of the art technology, you can spring for the best and most beautiful garage door with cash left over to stock the garage with a new BBQ or with recreational equipment.

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