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Garages to Die For

It all starts with a gorgeous overhead garage door that rolls up seamlessly, effortlessly and with the touch of a fingertip. However, just like with people, it’s what’s on the inside that can make a huge difference—for better or for worse. Some people, like celebrities, collect cars. It’s a common hobby, but funny man Jay Leno has over 100 vehicles plus an extra 90 motorcycles, so it’s no surprise that his garage is the size of some malls. In fact, he invested in warehouses, complete with high-security doors of course, to house it all.


Leno is an inspiration to some high-end homeowners who are focusing more on amazing garages instead of seeing this just as storage space. Homes with the best garages range in price from just over half a million to well over $50 million. For the auto enthusiast, it’s not unheard of to spend millions on a garage. Unsurprisingly, the hub of amazing garages is southern California, home to full-fledged “auto galleries” which redefine “spacious garage.”


Kicking It up a Notch


There’s a $20 million glass pavilion in Montecito, featuring a showroom that can house 32 cars and is lined in walnut. In Malibu, an estate on Cliffside drive canyon overhead doors garage doorsboasts an “auto museum” that’s 7,000 square feet and comes with sound-absorbing walls. Add in some de-humidifiers and thermally sealed film, and you’ve got the ultimate storage space for collector cars.


One architect team that founded Calida Design Build, Leo Damian and Jeff Sulkin, specialize in building and remodeling California homes complete with the best car spaces. They call them “galleries” and offer climate control options. It can be particularly challenging with the hills near LA, but a subterranean garage like the one in Britney Spears’ rental home in Calabasas is a good example. They estimate their garages average from one quarter million to $1.5 million, but “I’ve done a garage with a walk down pit under the car with seating, lighting, and a comfortable place to do maintenance,” notes Damian. The only limit is your budget.


Talk About Custom 


“Sometimes there’s a motorized turn table so you can park the car and rotate it to view it as a piece of art,” Damian adds. Hydraulic lifts are popular, and even condos in NYC are getting kitted out with garages featuring car elevators. “There’s also a type of garage that’s almost a man cave where men can show off their car,” Damian says. These can feature bars, lounges and kitchenettes.


Of course, for those on a budget, there are also options in the half a million mark. Let’s just take a look at this home in New Jersey that has a “modest” 1,250 square foot garage complete with a loft living space above it. Garages aren’t just for playboys and car enthusiasts, though. A quality garage with a complementary door can boost the value of a home substantially, and offers nearly a 60 percent recoupment value according to Remodeling Magazine.


While a multi-million dollar garage is a fantasy for many, the reality is that equipping your home with a high quality garage door is very feasible and affordable. It adds security, style and maybe a touch of the A-list lifestyle that would make Leno look twice.


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