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Garage Doors: 5 Most Common Garage Items That Need Protection

If your home’s your castle, what does that make your garage? For many homeowners, it’s a veritable treasure trove where many of your most costly possessions are kept. It’s the tower of your castle, charged with housing cars, high-end power equipment like riding lawnmowers and sometimes nostalgic or sentimental items that can’t be replaced. However, unlike those solid-core doors with kick plates that keep burglars out of the front entry, inadequate garage doors can be flimsy at best.


Take a look in your garage and consider just how expensive it would be to replace each item. Some items are irreplaceable, like that Househope chest full of awards, a wedding gown or your grandmother’s treasured collection of Depression glass. Some of the most common garage items include:


1. Vehicles


This one is obvious, but bears repeating. Just because you move your luxury sports car, daily commuter or rebuilt Harley from the driveway to the garage doesn’t guarantee its safety. Particularly a garage with large windows makes it easy for prowlers to peek in and get tempted by your ride.


2. Power Equipment


From riding lawnmowers to electric chainsaws, and even that tool kit that cost a few hundred dollars, garages are havens for all things tool and power-related. How much would it cost you to replace your whole collection?


3. Recreational Equipment


Those skis, snowboards, jet skis and ATVs are all stored in the garage year-round, and particularly during the off-season months. You can’t keep this equipment anywhere else and have it be convenient—and burglars know this. The more outdoorsy you are, the more valuable your garage.


4. The Family BBQ


If you’re known for your great grilling prowess, you probably have a costly barbeque. You might also have a slew of quality lawn chairs, grilling accessories and patio furniture to make the most of those summer days. During the winter, this is often all kept in the garage.


5. Mementos


Boxes of goodies, like your inheritance of antique furniture waiting to be refinished and your grandmother’s hardcover photo albums, are often stored in garages.


Maximize your garage door safety by choosing the best garage doors to protect you, your family and your possessions. To prevent garage burglary, make sure you’re not providing criminals with an open invitation. An updated quality overhead door can keep out burglars by making it too challenging to break in and give you peace of mind knowing that burglars will likely move on to easier prey.


You take plenty of precaution when it comes to safeguarding the rest of your home, but don’t overlook the garage. It’s a vulnerable point in many homes, but this can be changed with the right doors.



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