Garage Door Springs in Salt Lake City, Park City & Surrounding Areas

Got a spring in your step—or in your garage door? Surprisingly, garage door springs are often one of the Garage Door Springsmost frequent areas in need of repair or replacing, but many people don’t realize it until it’s too late. Rusty or worn out springs can be responsible for many things, such as a garage door that doesn’t open easily or shrieking noises that wake up everyone in the neighborhood. They’re also relatively easy, fast and affordable to repair or replace. You might be struggling daily with a garage door that’s in great shape, but a little rusty when it comes to the springs.


Spring issues can impact residential and commercial overhead doors alike. They can exacerbate a track that’s gone off kilter and throw a serious wrench in the security of your home or business. Every single brand of garage doors requires spring maintenance, whether you have a Genie, Martin or a Raynor. It’s just part of the TLC that’s necessary, especially considering how many people use their garages day in and day out. You wouldn’t go years without checking the springs in your car or without getting a new mattress—you can’t expect your garage doors to hold up (literally) without some repairs, too.


Fix It Fast

Canyon Overhead Doors provides expert servicing, repairs and replacements in a jiffy. Get a free quote today, and you can expect a professional technician to arrive with a fully-equipped service vehicle and all the tools necessary to repair or replace the springs in your garage door. Maybe you’ve been putting off a consultation because you’re afraid the entire door will need to be replaced—that’s almost never the case. Overhead doors are built to last, but some of the smaller parts face a lot of wear and tear. Relatively, springs are a very affordable fix and don’t take much time at all to replace.


Utah weather can be rough on springs, especially after a snowy winter or drizzly autumn. If you’ve noticed your garage door is a little shakier than usual, makes a lot of noise or just doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to, it might be an issue with the springs. There’s no need to struggle with this on a daily basis. Just a few minutes of repairs can get you back into business and using your garage as you see fit.


Time for a Checkup


However, some homeowners and business owners might not even realize there’s a problem. When you use something daily, you get used to “idiosyncrasies.” It’s a wise move to get garage doors checked each season for rust, wear and tear. If something’s amiss, there might be bigger repairs necessary down the road. You might even have a garage door that’s vulnerable to burglars and not even know it. Consider a checkup “spring cleaning” no matter what time of year it is.


It’s time to put the spring back in the step of your garage doors today. A little preventative maintenance and care can make a world of difference. Plus, it helps keep you, your possessions and your home or business as secure as possible.

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