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Garage Door Safety Check Hack

It doesn’t matter if you use your garage door every single day. Regular safety checks are important and they don’t have to take much time at all. When it comes to safety, there can’t be any glitches with your door’s sensors. Unfortunately, many people find out about these problems too late when the hood of their new ride has already been dented—or, if you’re starring in a horror movie, you try to escape from the masked villain via the garage doggie door and don’t quite make it.Garage Door Safety

Most modern garages feature “photo eyes” that are designed to pinpoint obstacles before they get crushed. Proper installation places these eyes at a maximum of six inches from the ground. If you’re not sure where your “eyes” are, your garage might be too old (or too “basic”) to have them. If that’s the case, it’s time to seriously consider a new garage door installation to maximize your safety and the safety of others.

Testing, Testing!

Put any object (that you don’t mind potentially crushing—your spouse’s horrendous red cowboy boots are a good choice) within the eyes of the door. If everything is up to snuff, you shouldn’t be able to close the door no matter how many times or how aggressively you push the close button. Test both your car garage door control as well as the one mounted permanently in your garage. If the door gets a little too close to your test subject for comfort, it might be time for a maintenance check from a professional.

However, to really see how your garage is performing, put another test subject beneath the eyes of the sensor. This obviously needs to be a smaller or flatter object. Your kid’s Thomas the Train toy that makes you see red every time it plays its song is perfect. Ideally, when you close the garage, the door will stop and lift once it (softly) touches the test object.

That’s how you want it to respond if it touches someone’s foot, the pet cat sprinting to freedom or just about anything else.

Failed Attempts

There are silver linings if your garage door destroys your test subjects: At least you’ve gotten rid of a minor annoyance in your life and you’ve found out before it’s too late that your garage could use some upkeep. While there are plenty of DIY tutorials online for fixing your own garage door, is that really something you want to risk? This is a job best left to the pros.
Test your garage regularly and indulge in routine maintenance so that the only things mangled in your garage are wisely chosen “test subjects” whose fate aren’t really in your hands. If something goes awry, it’s the garage door’s fault.

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