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Garage Cooling Mistakes to Avoid

Garages take up a lot of real estate, which can be a great thing if you’re planning to turn it into a lounge, work space or other semi-livable area. However, there are some major garage mistakes to avoid—even though they seem like great ideas. A perfect example is air conditioning in the garage. It makes sense considering there’s costly equipment like lawn mowers and precious keepsakes, including those high school yearbooks, and you don’t want them to get destroyed in the heat. For the most part, it’s best not to put A/C in the garage.


Humidity is the real culprit (not heat), and if you have sentimental storage items, it’s best to keep them in the house. Otherwise, you’re wasting a lot of energy—canyon overhead doors utahmost things kept in garages don’t need to be cooled, such as routine storage items and barbeque equipment. Plus, your average garage door isn’t airtight or well-insulated, so you’d really be paying to cool an area that’s going to be re-heated over and over again compliments of Mother Nature.


Air Conditioning Gone Wrong 


However, if you want your garage to be a somewhat livable space, it might be time to install some A/C—assuming it’s the right kind. You still need to prioritize indoor air quality, and an air conditioning system is designed to balance the air flow. Install the wrong system and you can de-pressurize the entire house. This isn’t just wasteful, but can even be deadly if done to extremes.


You risk back-drafting things like a gas water heater by pressurizing the garage while de-pressurizing the house. All of those chemicals and poor air quality contaminants are getting sent directly into the home. To play it safe, rely on a licensed and experienced HVAC technician who knows exactly how to keep the area cool, cost-effective and the whole property safe.


Keep it Separated


The absolute best way to cool a garage is to have a totally different system that’s designated “garage only.” A good option is a mini-split heat pump or A/C that’s small and doesn’t require ducts. Add in the fact that it’s energy efficient and easy to turn off when not in use, and it’s the perfect way to cool a big space safely and on a budget.


Alternatively, you can install a window unit which has a much cheaper up-front cost. Of course, you’ll have some noise and it’s not quite as energy efficient, but it works if the garage won’t be used much as a living space and especially if you already have an extra window unit around. However, keep in mind that your best bet is to avoid air conditioning in this area altogether, unless of course you’re using it as a showroom for your multi-million dollar collection of vehicles. If that’s the case, keeping it cool is chump change for you and you should feel free to cool to your heart’s content.

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