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Dock Equipment Dangers are Real

Loading Dock

If you have dock equipment at your commercial or industrial site, you know how dangerous it can be. Maybe there hasn’t been an incident at your place of business yet, but don’t wait for disaster to strike. Ensuring your dock equipment is high quality, maintained and that repairs take place immediately are all crucial elements in protecting your employees — and avoiding a lawsuit. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, dock accidents are relatively common and can be fatal.

Numerous incidents are reported to the Labor Department every year, but many also go unreported. Consider these recently reported accidents as a way to learn your lesson the easy way. These reports are made public by the federal government are warning tales — the kinds of tragedies that are often preventable.

The Reality of Dock Dangers

Recently, the Labor Department got this report: “Employee is caught between truck and loading dock, later dies.” Besides the emotional toll such an accident takes, the aftermath could lead to a lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim that could ultimately take down a business. Even if you have proper insurance, that kind of media attention could tear apart a smaller business. Plus, if your insurance isn’t up to snuff or you don’t realize your coverage is subpar, what then?

Another report says, “Employee’s ankle is broken in fall from loading dock.” Fortunately, this accident wasn’t deadly, but it can still be costly for the business. Having an employee injured hurts the morale of the business, and there’s no telling what kind of permanent injuries can occur from a bone fracture. Simply having a top employee out of work for a few weeks can be detrimental to business, too.

Warnings Galore

Countless incidents have been reported, including “employee fractures ribs in fall from loading dock,” or “driver is crushed and killed by truck at loading dock.” If you’re like many business owners, you have contractors or other businesses’ employees at your loading dock as well as your own employees. Shipments can arrive in poor weather and it’s up to you to make this environment safe. That starts with ensuring your equipment is perfectly functional.

Your dock is an easy oversight, but it shouldn’t be. It’s a major danger zone where heavy equipment is handled. Take a cue from the injury reports to the Labor Department and schedule a maintenance check today. It could be a piece of dock equipment as small as a spring replacement that could save a life.

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