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Dangers of Common Exterior Doors

Securing Exterior DoorsWhether you’re a business owner, homeowner or landlord, do you know how secure those exterior doors are? Unless you had a big hand in cherry picking these entry points during construction, you may have vulnerabilities you don’t even know about. Cutting corners during construction and development is sometimes necessary, and just because an exterior door seems “good enough” doesn’t mean it is. The average door isn’t going to stand up against a determined burglar.

Both commercial and residential exterior doors are the most common entry point for thieves and vandals. Installing quality overhead doors such as a side folding door, security door or rolling grill can optimize the security of your property, possessions and everyone inside. When thinking about security, ask yourself, “Why garage doors?”

The Triage Approach to Safety

Exterior door protection is crucial for one simple reason: 80 percent of burglars get in through either the front door, back door or a window. These are the three major entry points to any property. The best exterior commercial doors can mean the difference between your business being wiped clean or continuing to thrive in an era when small businesses are doing best. It’s worth changing to a better door simply because the cost-benefit analysis can’t be argued against.

Of course it’s more expensive to install a high quality overhead door compared to the standard (and even hollow-core, push-lock) “exterior doors” found at home improvement stores. However, what’s the price difference between a reputable roller grill and a vandalized home? What’s the price difference between that counter door and the inventory that’s disappeared?

Think like a Thief

While many criminals are opportunists, they’re also savvy when it comes to seeing easy targets. Even someone who’s never broken into a property before can tell at a glimpse how easy a property may be to access. A rolling grill made of steel and complete with a complex locking system is going to be too difficult, too time consuming or both to make it worth a burglar’s while. However, that small business that uses a simple exterior door without even a kickplate is easing pickings.

There are some common dangers and mistakes made with exterior doors, including not upgrading them the moment you can. Instead, attention is paid to curb appeal, customizing those residential address numbers or too often retailers put all their efforts into marketing. You need to protect your property, and that should always come first. Are you blindly trusting an unknown construction crew to provide you with the safeguarding you need? If so, it’s time to upgrade.

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