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Commercial Doors are Key to Preventing Holiday Theft

Business Rolling Door

‘Tis the season—for shoplifting, theft and vandalism. A commercial overhead or rolling door is crucial all the time, but particularly during the most wonderful (read: Retail insane) time of the year. According to the 26th Annual Retail Theft Survey from Jack L. Hayes International, last year 23 major retailers caught 1.2 million shoplifters (including their own employees) and managed to recover almost $200 million. These are just the people who were caught, and this was only 23 retailers. How much are you losing each holiday season, and how much could be prevented with better security?

According to the report, “In 2013, the number of apprehensions and recovery dollars were up for both shoplifters and dishonest employees…retail theft is a serious problem which is stealing retailers’ profits and causing consumers to pay higher prices to help offset these losses.” An effective security strategy must include the best in overhead doors, counter doors and dock equipment. All thieves are opportunists, and subpar doors can be seen as a holiday invitation.

The List Hayes Checked Twice

In the 2013 report, the total recovery dollars was up four percent from 2012. The number of shoplifters went up 2.8 percent, and the number of employee apprehensions crept up by six percent. This means one in every 39.6 workers was caught stealing from their place of business. Most retailers and businesses have already hired their holiday staff and are in full seasonal swing—but do you know how many of them are really honest?

Employees are more likely to steal than passerbys or customers, and some might say seasonal staff think they have the least to lose. In fact, when Hayes International dug into more than 19,000 random applicant review questionnaires (often referred to as “honesty tests” when hiring candidates), 19.3 percent got “high risk” scores because they admitted to wrongdoings in the past as well as dishonest behavior. In fact, 3,700 applicants admitted to stealing in the past.

Shop ‘til the Profits Drop

It’s estimated that up to 40 percent of all losses in retail are due to shoplifting and the average lifted item retails for $50. However, shoplifters rarely plot their course. Similar to commercial burglary, an easy target catches their eye and they can’t resist. For commercial spaces, poor security doors are often the first thing holiday thieves notice. It’s also one of the easiest things for business owners to address.

Assess your current overhead or counter doors and see how they measure up. Are they outdated, unstable or otherwise not looking very secure? Thieves, shoplifters and dishonest employees are taking note. It’s not too late for an upgrade, which will put you on the “nice list” just in time for a boost of good tidings and cheer.

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