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Choosing the Best Overhead Door for Your Business

A number of businesses benefit from quality overhead doors, whether you lease a space in a strip mall, operate a big box store or have a pawn shop that’s a target for thieves. Your inventory, no matter what it is, is your bread and butter—protect it. It all starts with securing the major entry point for burglars, which is always the door.

Overhead doors for commercial use are vastly different from residential options. From the best dock equipment to roll up grills for retail spaces, the options are seemingly endless. In conjunction with a qualified overhead door provider and (if applicable) the on-site security team, you can handpick the best type of door for your business whether it’s a counter door, security door or roll up option.

Businesses That Benefit from Overhead DoorsBusiness Overhead Door

If you’re in the position to choose, install or upgrade your exterior doors as a business owner, that’s great news. However, many business owners are stuck with what their landlord provides. If you fall into the latter category, consider talking to your landlord about an upgrade. Even if you’re the one stuck with the bill, it can be a tax write off at the end of the year.

Every single business is a prime candidate for security doors, whether you’re a retailer or you provide a service. Vandalism can be just as devastating as a break-in. If you’re depending on an exterior door that’s subpar at best, you’re likely asking for trouble. The builder may have tried to cut corners (which is often required of them to stay within budget) and may have opted for weak doors that are easy to manipulate. You deserve better protection than that.

Summer’s the Best Time for Installation

Don’t wait until the busy holiday season when you’re too overwhelmed or buried in vacation plans to prioritize your commercial doors. For those in regions with harsh winters, summer is especially ideal for a new installation because the workers won’t be struggling to do their job in the cold. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours, the gorgeous weather and, for some businesses, the slow season to upgrade to an overhead door that keeps your business safeguarded.

Mid-year is the perfect time for an installation, as it’s peak burglary season—both June/July and December top the charts for break ins, both commercial and residential. Stay ahead of the game and make your space an impenetrable fortress. Doors are the number one access point for thieves, so don’t make it easy for them.

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