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Check for Fraud Claims before Hiring a Garage Door Company


Beware of fraud when selecting a residential garage door service provider. It’s kind of like finding the right mechanic for your car: It’s a complex machine, and if you knew how to care for it yourself, you would. However, some shady businesses are relying on the ignorance of their customers to make a quick buck. That’s why you need to choose a business that’s well established, transparent and has a glowing reputation — this can help prevent getting swindled like some Dallas residents did.

Richardson, Texas, resident Mason Miller needed to have his garage door serviced. He thought he was calling a local company credited with creating the first-ever upward-lifting door. Instead, he got the contact information wrong and ended up scheduling an appointment with another company, GDS Garage Door Services, which was all about cheating vulnerable customers. In the end, he paid $1,700 for a repair that really cost under $100. When he complained, he was told that he’d get a $700 refund if he signed a legal document promising not to badmouth the company.

The Ugly Truth

Miller refused to sign, and instead took his story public. It turns out he had hired a San Diego-based company that gives the illusion of being a local service all around the country. This particular company gets customers by pretending to be other, more reputable companies. In fact, the state of Georgia urged garage door owners in 2008 to take extra precautions when getting tangled up with this company.

When a watchdog group tried to reach out to the company Miller used, a service director at GDS Garage Door Services, said, “They were able to resolve the situation. We were able to shave off a little and make him happy.” That’s not the story Miller told, and he says he never received any sort of refund (as he refused to sign the legal documents) and he’s not happy.

A Costly Mistake

Miller had called the service techs because he needed help programming his car and garage door opener. For a reputable garage service company, that should be a service call fee at most. However, Miller says he was bullied into buying new rollers, new springs, a motor adjustment and a new center bearing plate—with brand-new bearings too, of course. To make matters worse, exposed wires were left all over his garage.

Miller says he tried to reach out to the headquarters himself, but could never get a response. GDS uses hundreds of different names to intentionally confuse customers, according to watchdog reporters. When shopping for a local service company, do your research. Customers should be able to visit an actual, physical location, and not get stuck with a customer automation when calling in.

You don’t always get what you pay for—and sometimes that can end very badly for the customer, so make sure the garage door company you choose has a clean record for service with no fraud claims against it. You are always safe with Canyon Overhead Door where customers are valued as the neighbors they are.

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