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What Makes Garage Door Springs Break?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Broken Garage Door

Your garage door springs are the real workhorses of the garage. They’re under-appreciated, often overlooked and a lot of homeowners don’t fix or replace them until they’ve been broken for a while. The springs alone are reason enough to stick with that annual maintenance check. Don’t assume that they’ll complain when they’re wearing out or that it will be obvious — it will eventually be obvious, but you don’t want to wait until that point. The more you use your garage doors, the more quickly your springs will wear out.

No matter how high quality the springs are or how good the installation was, this busy working part of your garage door will need pampering and replacing over the years. Even if you’re a homebody and only leave through the garage once per day, those springs are taking the doors up and down twice. Add a significant other, extended family members and teenagers into the mix, and suddenly your garage is on overdrive. A great way to reduce wear and tear is to upgrade to torsion springs for an extended life. They’re about twice the cost of regular springs, but can last four times longer — a solid investment.

Hidden Issues


Common wear and tear is one issue, but rust is another beast. It’s one of the most common reasons for garage door spring breakage, particularly in wet or snowy regions. For example, homeowners in Utah probably have to change their springs more often than those in New Mexico. Saltwater is a corrosive, and in coastal towns, this can lead to premature rusting and deterioration. Luckily, routine maintenance (that you can do yourself) can keep rust at bay. This drastically extends the life of your springs. Every quarter, spray a little garage door lubricant onto the springs to keep operations smooth.

While some springs might whine and complain, if you listen closely, your springs have a myriad of ways to tell you something’s wrong. Check the garage door balance by pulling on the emergency cord, which causes the door to disengage from the opener, and testing the open/close function by hand. This lets you hear any hidden squeaks that might not be audible with the motor working. A perfectly functioning garage door will keep the door up even when you lower it just a couple of feet above the ground — if gravity takes over, you may have a problem with the springs.

Let the Pros Handle This


The best way to make sure your garage door, springs and all, is in tip-top shape is to let the professionals handle inspections and maintenance checks. Call your local garage door experts at Canyon Overhead today for a consultation and to schedule an appointment.

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Commercial Garage Doors and Your Insurance

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Commercial Garage Doors

You rely on your commercial garage doors to keep your inventory, business, employees and customers safe — but does your insurance also have you covered? “It depends,” is the frustrating answer. When something goes wrong with your garage doors, it could be your responsibility to pay for the damages, but it could also be your insurance company’s responsibility, or (if you rent a business space) your commercial landlord might be held liable. Accidents happen, natural disasters can occur and intentional tampering of garage doors is more common than you think. You need to get repairs taken care of right away, but is your insurance provider willing to write the check?

Vehicular damage is the most common type of garage and loading dock damage. Suppliers might accidentally back into closed doors, or your latest shipment might get a little too close to the roll-up doors. If you own the business and the property, and you’re the one who backs into the doors, it’s likely that your business insurance will cover it. If someone else damages the doors and fesses up, their vehicle coverage should step in. However, what about less common types of damage?

Disasters, Natural and Manmade

A slew of natural disasters can potentially damage your commercial doors. Fires, hailstorms, floods and more are all possible. In some cases, your business insurance might take care of the damages, or if you don’t own the garage or doors, then your landlord should step up to the plate. However, if you have business insurance, be sure to read the fine print carefully. Natural disasters aren’t always covered, but you might be able to add on extra coverage now before disaster strikes.

Criminal actions are another problem that plagues businesses. If you think someone is tampering with your doors, notify security and/or the police. From vandalism to arson, criminals may be eyeing your commercial doors to destroy just for fun — or to try to penetrate to steal your inventory. Your insurance provider might require you to call a garage door repair service, or the police may file a report (which is necessary for insurance claims).

Out-of-Pocket Potential

If your commercial doors are damaged, get a free repair quote first. In some cases, repairs are so minor it doesn’t make sense to pay the deductible for an insurance claim. Plus, as a business, you can write off such repairs as a loss at the end of the tax year. That’s one silver lining residential garage door owners don’t get.

Just as important is selecting the best repair service to ensure you get top-quality work and repair parts if necessary. In Utah, Canyon Overhead Doors is the go-to leader for commercial door installation and repair. Give them a call today for an estimate or to schedule a repair on your commercial garage door.

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Solving the Great Illinois Garage Doors Mystery

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Illinois Garage Door Mystery

Garage doors in Prairie Meadows, Illinois, seem to have a mind of their own. In April 2015, a local resident arrived home, tried to click open her garage door and was met with defiant doors that stayed firmly down. She was just the first — in time, everyone in the neighborhood found themselves locked out of their garages. A neighbor said, “We asked around the neighborhood and learned the problem is affecting about 20 different homes. One neighbor had a repairman from a garage door company come to his home, but it was no use. They couldn’t figure it out either.”

The frustration went on for five days, with everyone dreaming up a variety of excuses. Batteries were replaced, and some lucky residents were able to opt into manual entry for their garages. However, no repairmen could find a solution. “A garage door man was looking at a garage across the street and couldn’t find a hardware reason for it,” said one neighbor. Thinking the nearby Willard Airport might be causing a disturbance, neighbors looked into it, but, “They determined they weren’t the cause.”

A “Store” Thing

Fortunately the weather is temperate this time of year in Illinois, so nobody is battling heavy snow or hailstorms as they’re stuck parking in their driveway. One neighbor filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, but a prompt reply from the FCC pointed out that the agency doesn’t govern garage door openers. After reaching out to the local Municipal Center, resident Dick Helton said, “We have no idea what is causing it. I wonder if somebody in the neighborhood has some kind of a jamming device. I’m at a loss for what it might be or how to get answers.”

A non-working garage door isn’t just an inconvenience for homeowners. It also restricts the use of a prime storage space and denies access to the most popular home entry area. It’s unclear whether a device caused the interference — perhaps unintentionally — but it’s the only feasible explanation. After conducting some DIY investigation, one neighbor found that, “It could be wireless interference at 2.4 gigahertz. It might be a cellphone jammer. They operate at that frequency as well. Other than that, I have no real clue.”

Mystery (Kind of) Solved

Five days after the trouble began, neighbors saw their garage doors begin to work sporadically. However, the remotes had to be kept very close to the door, which isn’t possible when backing out of a garage without help. The amateur sleuth said, “I suspect there might be a ham radio operator or some device in the neighborhood, but we can’t pinpoint it.”

A reputable garage door repair service should be able to offer solutions for such woes, or maybe even figure out the root of the problem. For all your garage door repairs and solutions, contact Canyon Overhead Doors to keep your chin — and your doors — up.

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Storage Company Facing Overhead Door Lawsuit

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Storage Unit Overhead Door

An overhead door is common in many self-storage facilities, but tenants rarely ask when the last time the door was serviced. Many customers are in the midst of a big move and simply want to find a facility that is convenient, affordable and secure. However, one Louisiana woman claims that she is now disabled after an overhead door at a storage unit suddenly dropped and hit her in the face. The plaintiff has filed a lawsuit against the local storage unit facility, claiming she incurred serious and permanent injuries.

The lawsuit was filed last year and a court decision is expected. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff says she was touring the storage facility with an employee. The employee pulled up the overhead door so the unit could be inspected, but it suddenly came barreling back down. Since the incident, the plaintiff claims doctors have told her that surgery may be necessary in order to address the disability caused from the falling door.

A Lack of Upkeep

The storage facility has been accused of not maintaining the overhead doors, and thus maintaining an unsafe environment to tenants and potential tenants. The company is charged with failing to properly inspect the property, failing to implement a proper plan to inspect and remove hazards, failing to warn of danger, failing to prevent the plaintiff from suffering harm and a number of other counts. A failure to comply with building codes and to provide a hazard-free environment are also included in the plaintiff’s allegation.

Installation of overhead doors for storage units, much like any other type of commercial or residential garage door, are not a one-and-done process. These heavy-duty doors require routine care, inspection and maintenance. It is up to the owner of the doors (in this case the storage facility) to schedule regular maintenance in order to protect tenants, employees and belongings stored within the unit.

What’s Up Next for the Plaintiff?

The plaintiff is seeking an undisclosed amount for damages, which includes compensation for physical pain and suffering. Annoyance, mental anguish, medical expenses, discomfort, loss of enjoyment of life, proper damage, lost wages, disability and destruction of earning capacity are also included in her claims.

The storage unit facility has made no official, public statement regarding the upkeep or safety of their overhead doors post-incident. However, overhead doors such as these require an annual check to ensure they are in proper working order. Hopefully the storage unit has learned its lesson and has routine appointments with a reputable garage door repair company scheduled.

Ensure your overhead doors are high quality and maintained by working with Canyon Overhead Doors in Utah. Call today to schedule an inspection, maintenance check or start shopping for new overhead doors.

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Repurpose Your Garage Doors After an Upgrade

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Repurposed Garage Door

Repurpose your old garage doors instead of throwing them away if they aren’t working well (or at all). For many homeowners, it may be time to replace rollup doors or other outdated residential garage doors for both curb appeal and safety. The trend of reclaiming old home pieces and turning them into stunning new conversation starters has finally extended to the garage door industry. Many old doors, particularly from before the 1980s, are solid wood or heavy metals and may feature intricate designs. They may not be serving their intended purpose any longer, but they can enjoy a new life as a home design concept.

Some savvy homeowners and interior designers are repurposing old garage doors as home dividers or as features on exterior and interior walls. Homeowners who want both unique beauty and added security are opting to turn these into alternate exterior doors—ultimately taking the place of sliding glass doors which do not put up a good defense against burglars. In particular, repurposing garage doors is trending in mountain and coastal regions where homeowners want to enjoy gorgeous views.

Easy and Breezy

Using a garage door as an exterior wall also offers a great cross-breeze, which is ideal in temperate or warmer climates. These doors are naturally solid insulators, so during the hot summer months, homeowners can save on cooling costs. Turning a garage door into a massive window lets homeowners choose how much breeze and light to let in without worrying about the risks oversized windows present. During the winter months, keeping the home warm and cozy is easier and more energy-efficient.

For those who are enamored with glass, garage doors that feature this option are often sturdier than traditional home windows. Usually, glass is secured via an aluminum grid. This offers a clean, sleek look that will never go out of style. As an added bonus, the thick and reinforced glass common with these types of doors means prime insulation and minimal breakage.

The Best for Interior Design

Use garage doors inside the home as an interior wall, to close a too-open floor plan or even as a means of creating a huge photo frame if the door is a glass grid system. If you have a very old door without electronic parts, it is a great match for interior design. You will avoid an unsightly track system (which is a necessity if you are using a garage door as an exterior wall/door), rail system and extra springs.

The tinted and frosted glass of a garage door can be a fantastic addition to a home. These doors are big statement pieces, and best of all, repurposing them means it does not have to cost homeowners anything. If you are considering purchasing a new garage door and repurposing your old one, call Canyon Overhead Doors of Salt Lake City – their knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you make the best decision for your home and garage.

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3 Rules for Garage Sales

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Garage Sale

When preparing for a garage sale, a maintenance check for the garage doors is crucial. This is especially true for homeowners with older doors, or if it’s been several years since the last inspection. Laws vary from state to state, but bear in mind that many times if a person (such as a shopper) is injured on your property, you may be held liable. A garage door that’s on its last spring might suddenly close, the sensor may not work correctly or there may be another issue that could be dangerous with so many strangers on your property.

Anyone harmed on your property might file a lawsuit, but homeowners should be especially wary of strangers. Hosting a garage sale is a great way to kick-start spring cleaning while making a little extra cash for those impending summer vacations, but don’t set yourself up for trouble. Holding a garage sale requires more prep work than many people think. Consider this starter list for a safe and successful sale:

1. Clear out the garage

Garages are often the largest storage areas in a home. Ensure the space is clear of clutter and tripping hazards, and that all costly items that aren’t for sale are removed. Should the day turn hectic, you won’t have time to make sure people aren’t stealing items or that those extra extension cords stay out of the makeshift walkways. Safety comes first with garage sales.

2. Schedule garage door maintenance

Such maintenance should be an annual or biannual task to check off your list. It’s fast, easy and affordable, yet often put on the back burner. A reputable, local service person will check for the function, wear and tear, and general condition of garage doors. Recommendations for repairs or further servicing may be offered, and should be taken care of prior to the garage sale.

3. Check the driveway for trouble

Your garage and garage doors are just one potential trouble zone during a garage sale. Don’t forget about the state of your driveway, too. Large cracks, pits and forgotten items like hoses can also pose a hazard. Your goal is to ensure every visitor gets onto and off of your property free of harm. The cost of a potential lawsuit is far more than what anyone will likely earn selling their goods.

Having a garage sale is a lot of work, but it can be a great way to literally and mentally cleanse for spring. However, put safety at the top of your priority list. Homeowners who need an excuse to schedule maintenance can get the push necessary by hosting a garage sale. If several years have passed since you last garage door service call, contact Canyon Overhead Doors. They will come out and do a safety check to make sure your doors are safe for your next garage sale.

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Spring Cleaning the Nests from Your Rollup Doors

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Bird's Nest

Are your rollup doors, overhead doors or garage doors hosting squatters? As the days get warmer, more and more pests might find your business’ exterior doors the perfect spot to set up housekeeping. From birds to wasps, your neighbors of all sizes are on the hunt for the ideal nesting environment. Maintaining your commercial doors isn’t just about making sure the springs are in good working order and the runners are going in the right direction — you also need to ensure this area is clean and clear.

Overhead doors are perfect perches for many nests, since they’re often under awnings or entryways, which are relatively protected from the elements. Depending on the size of your commercial space and/or doors, it’s surprisingly easy not to notice when feathered friends take a liking to your space. However, the debris, twigs and other goodies used to build nests can cause garage doors to jam. Plus, you don’t want to inadvertently host birds and their eggs, which may get crushed during normal operation of your doors

Though feathered squatters are often the easiest to remove, more sinister houseguests might be standing by, ready to take their place and stake a claim.

An Open-Door Policy

Paper wasp nests and yellow jacket nests look very similar, with both featuring a grayish bag that can vary in size. In North America, about 20 species of wasps make these nests, including the bald-faced hornet. Spring is the time wasps build new nests after the males die off during the winter months. In April, you might be facing a twofold attack: The lingerers from the winter nest are back in business, and new nests are being built—unfortunately, those new nests can be hard to spot in the early stages.

The results of not addressing nests can be devastating to a business. A client, contractor or worker attacked by wasps can lead to a serious worker’s compensation claim or lawsuit if it’s proven that the owner didn’t properly maintain the property. If the victim is allergic to certain pest stings, the side effects can even be deadly.

Nesting Season

This is why a biannual inspection, in both autumn and spring, is even more crucial than many business owners realize. A comprehensive check of overhead doors means more than making sure the sensors are working well. If you have a slew of doors or an expansive business area, it’s easy to miss nests—especially when it seems the doors themselves are working fine. Protect yourself, your business, your employees and your customers, and make sure an eagle eye is kept out for nests in your rollup doors. Call Canyon Overhead Doors today to schedule an inspection of your rollup doors and ferret out those nests before they do any serious harm.

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“Suspicious” Fire Investigation Focuses on Forced Entry of Overhead Doors

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Fire Investigation

The overhead doors of the Monsour Medical Center in Jeannette, Penn. has investigators digging deeper to find the real source of a fire. According to reports, the fire broke out Sunday, December 8 in the early afternoon, causing “moderate damage” to the general dock area. However, the Pennsylvania police fire marshal calls the finding “suspicious.” The medical center used to be a full-scale hospital, though it currently doesn’t have any electrical service in the area damaged by the fire. Jeannette Fire Company Sgt. Bill Frye says the overhead door had been forced open, which has them suspecting a break-in or vandalism.

Inside the dock area, furniture and debris were damaged by the fire as well as a wall that used to separate the dock from the emergency room. Some of the flames licked up to the roof. Frye says the fire was reported at 5:33pm and firefighters got the flames under control within ten minutes of arrival. It took another 30 minutes to completely extinguish it. However, what a lot of locals are questioning is why the doors were pried open—and what this means for the safety of other buildings in the area.

Damage Control

Fortunately, this fire was controlled before it had the chance to spread to the tower. The entire building is getting prepped for demolition due to neglect and deterioration. As such, and since it was a vacant building, firefighters were kept out of the fiercest danger zones. According to a city representative, Jeannette solicitor Scott Avolio, “From the city’s standpoint, this is the exact unnecessary risk that is an ongoing problem with that site. Each time this occurs, city firefighters and first responder’s lives are put in danger.”

Even though the property has been slated for demolition, it was recently purchased at auction by the Westmoreland County Land Bank. The demolition can’t happen until a $3.5 million lien is paid and lien holders Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. and the IRS are satisfied. Avolio says, “we are forced to be in limbo regarding demolition plans due to the failure of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. to either cooperate in the lien removal or to even have any meaningful dialogue about an alternative plan that allows the demolition to begin.”

Until then, it’s quite possible criminals, pranksters and vandals will continue to target the area, especially now that it’s clear the overhead doors are easy to force open. Since the rest of the building is in such disrepair, it’s no surprise that no upkeep has been made on the exterior doors, which seem too tempting for mischief makers to resist.

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Spring Cleaning Starts with Maintaining Your Overhead Doors

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Loading Dock

Proper maintenance is needed for your overhead door, loading dock, roll-up door or other type of garage door your business may have. Consider it the entry point to your spring cleaning. You might need to put a (literal) new “spring” in your step — and — business, since those small parts are often the quickest to wear out. And if your garage, storage or dock space is where your inventory comes, goes or gets stored, it’s the prime place to start spring inventory.

Unfortunately, many businesses, commercial spaces and industrial sites quickly overlook the storage/garage area when it comes to cleaning, uncluttering and checking for safety. Now that the temperatures are rising and you’re getting ready for the summer shopping and activity season, make sure your entire commercial space is up to snuff — starting with your overhead doors and what they protect.

Here are the major reasons cleaning starts with your garage and storage, and how to go about it:

1. It’s where pests, problems and vulnerabilities can hide

Maybe you have a rat infestation, termites have taken over your stored furniture inventory, or you have hidden mildew or mold from an outdated overhead door that offers zero insulation. These spaces are often dark, regularly missed when cleaning and easy to keep pushing down your to-do list, but the sooner you catch problems, the easier and more affordable they are to correct. Storage areas like garages require updated, maintained doors in order to keep problems out.

2. It’s a necessary safety precaution

Maybe you’ve heard that annoying creak every time you lift the overhead door, or perhaps you know it’s been way too long since your last inspection. However, for commercial property owners, putting off door maintenance isn’t just dangerous — it can also lead to a lawsuit. Should a distributor, employee or customer get hurt due to faulty or ill-maintained doors, that legal issue is landing right on your lap.

3. It follows the outside-in approach

Ask any professional cleaners what the best way is to tackle a big space and they’ll tell you to choose one section at a time and move from the outside in. Obviously, the farthest reaches of your commercial space often include your storage or garage space. Tackle it first, because that’s where a lot of clutter collects. Plus, you’ll want a spacious, clear, clean space to re-pack your inventory for storage.

4. It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to maintain

Shockingly, overhead doors are often much more affordable to repair and replace than smaller entrance doors. Even if you need or want a brand-new overhead door, it won’t ding your budget as badly as you think. That’s a great way to go into the spring: with a welcome surprise when it comes to maintenance fees.

Is spring cleaning on your to do list? You still have plenty of time, but don’t put it off much longer. Call Canyon Overhead Doors for help with any necessary maintenance and repairs to your entry points.

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Check for Fraud Claims before Hiring a Garage Door Company

Thursday, March 5th, 2015


Beware of fraud when selecting a residential garage door service provider. It’s kind of like finding the right mechanic for your car: It’s a complex machine, and if you knew how to care for it yourself, you would. However, some shady businesses are relying on the ignorance of their customers to make a quick buck. That’s why you need to choose a business that’s well established, transparent and has a glowing reputation — this can help prevent getting swindled like some Dallas residents did.

Richardson, Texas, resident Mason Miller needed to have his garage door serviced. He thought he was calling a local company credited with creating the first-ever upward-lifting door. Instead, he got the contact information wrong and ended up scheduling an appointment with another company, GDS Garage Door Services, which was all about cheating vulnerable customers. In the end, he paid $1,700 for a repair that really cost under $100. When he complained, he was told that he’d get a $700 refund if he signed a legal document promising not to badmouth the company.

The Ugly Truth

Miller refused to sign, and instead took his story public. It turns out he had hired a San Diego-based company that gives the illusion of being a local service all around the country. This particular company gets customers by pretending to be other, more reputable companies. In fact, the state of Georgia urged garage door owners in 2008 to take extra precautions when getting tangled up with this company.

When a watchdog group tried to reach out to the company Miller used, a service director at GDS Garage Door Services, said, “They were able to resolve the situation. We were able to shave off a little and make him happy.” That’s not the story Miller told, and he says he never received any sort of refund (as he refused to sign the legal documents) and he’s not happy.

A Costly Mistake

Miller had called the service techs because he needed help programming his car and garage door opener. For a reputable garage service company, that should be a service call fee at most. However, Miller says he was bullied into buying new rollers, new springs, a motor adjustment and a new center bearing plate—with brand-new bearings too, of course. To make matters worse, exposed wires were left all over his garage.

Miller says he tried to reach out to the headquarters himself, but could never get a response. GDS uses hundreds of different names to intentionally confuse customers, according to watchdog reporters. When shopping for a local service company, do your research. Customers should be able to visit an actual, physical location, and not get stuck with a customer automation when calling in.

You don’t always get what you pay for—and sometimes that can end very badly for the customer, so make sure the garage door company you choose has a clean record for service with no fraud claims against it. You are always safe with Canyon Overhead Door where customers are valued as the neighbors they are.

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