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5 Killer Bands That Started in Garages

Think garages are “just” a place to park the car and store those holiday decorations? Don’t forget about the scores of bands who got started right in this high traffic area, although this was often back in the day before there was solid insulation (and when you had to manually raise the overhead garage door to let in the late bass player). Who knows what future artists are hosting jam sessions in today’s updated and comfortable garages, but one thing is certain—they have some serious history to live up to.


Any list of the best garage bands is sure to stir up some strong opinions. Some will be unjustly left off the list. People may argue that what’s listed as number one deserves to be a few slots down. No matter how you feel about these bands or the ones which are surely left off the list, it’s still impressive to remember that they got their start in the same place. And it just happened to be where the daily commuter was normally parked.

canyon overhead doors


1. Paul Revere and the Raiders


Started by Paul Revere Dick, who was an organist, along with vocalist Mark Lindsey, the original name of this garage rock band was Downbeats. Renowned for their first big hit “Louie Louie” in 1961, the band is still going strong over 60 years later. Of course, in their time garages weren’t nearly as high tech and the group probably had some uncomfortable sessions—but that didn’t stop them from becoming one of the classic rock bands of their era.


2. The Who


Founded in London, this band went through numerous names including Detour and The Confederates—but got their start in a chilly, wet garage. An 18-year career ensued, but they couldn’t get past the death of Keith Moon. There’s no denying that practicing in dreary, wet London winters would have put an end to many garage bands in the 60s, but The Who marched on.


3. The Yardbirds


Another London group, the Yardbirds, was a staple of the British Invasion along with The Who. They also had numerous names until The Yardbirds stuck in 1963. They only reigned supreme for five short years, but they drummed up some fantastic music during that time that has lasted for decades. It seems that not even moving out of a muggy 60s British garage was enough to make this group stick together.


4. The Ramones


Arguably one of the most famous bands to start in a garage, the Ramones have been dubbed the first punk band (though that’s controversial) and spent many a nights jamming away in the garage. They’re proof that environment isn’t everything—but imagine what they could have done had they had the comforts of a modern garage to practice in.


5. Nirvana


What started as a favorite on college radio stations exploded into one of the most beloved bands of all time. Despite the untimely death of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana remains a force to be reckoned with, humble beginnings and all.

The potential of what can happen in a garage is endless. Just look at The Kinks and The Strangeloves for proof. What magic is going to take place in your modern garage?

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