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4 Ways to Ensure Your Doors are Black Friday Ready

Black Friday Shopping

Are all your business’ commercial doors ready for the Black Friday mayhem? Every year there are a few unbelievable stories that make the headlines—customers breaking down doors, trampling one another and even stun gun fights and brawls in a Hunger Games-esque competition for savings. If you haven’t had your dock equipment, roll-up doors or commercial doors inspected this year, it’s not too late. Without routine maintenance, they simply might not have what it takes to hold hungry customers at bay come your 4am opening time.

Of course, it shouldn’t take thousands of people pounding at the doors Dawn of the Dead-style to keep your maintenance checks up to snuff. But sometimes, the closest thing we have to a zombie apocalypse kicks security into high gear. Here are a few door maintenance items a professional should be inspecting so that you, your business and your workers are as prepped for the biggest shopping day of the year as possible:

1. Springs

No spring will last nearly as long as the commercial door itself, and they don’t always complain when they’re about to give. Replacing springs is very affordable, fast and easy—but wait too late and it can be a disaster. If you notice your doors aren’t opening and closing smoothly, that there’s a creaking sound or it’s simply been a few months or years since your last inspection, they’re the first place an expert will check.

2. Tracks/Rollers

Any moving part of a commercial door is a danger zone, and tracks and rollers can relatively easily get off course. In some instances, this can be dangerous (like when thousands of people start pushing and pouring through your doors). You want to make sure there won’t be any accidents, lawsuits or worker’s compensation claims these holidays.

3. Sensors

If your commercial doors have sensors, such as in your loading dock or industrial site, it’s crucial that they’re regularly checked and maintained. In many instances, the doors that have sensors won’t be facing Black Friday crowds, but they will be used by your employees who are probably working overtime. One faulty sensor can lead to a crushed foot—or worse.

4. Locking Mechanisms

Don’t put it below your customers to try those doors (numerous times!) as they wait in the cold to be let in. People get a little crazy this time of year, and the last thing you need is a free-for-all before your first shift even arrives.

Theft peaks during the holiday season, and retail accidents abound on Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure your business is prepared, locked and loaded (with plenty of inventory, of course!).

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