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3 Things to Garage for the Winter

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It’s almost winter and your residential garage doors are calling. Sure, you might be able to squeeze in one more barbecue or take the classic convertible for one last spin, but for the most part it’s time to start bundling down for winter. Your garage is home to some of your costliest equipment, your summer toys and other outdoor items that wouldn’t last a day in the chilly weather.

Here are a few of the major items that deserve being garaged for the winter. Don’t wait until the first cold front to start cleaning and making room for them.

1. Barbeque grills

They’re built to withstand scorching heat, not snow, sleet and hail. Barbeques claim a focal point in the back yard, but grilling season has come to a close and it’s time to pack them up for winter. Autumn is the perfect time to give your grill a good cleaning, make sure it’s in good working order and pick up any new accoutrements you’ll need to store with it to ensure you open BBQ season with a bang .

2. Storable pools

Do the kids (or pets) live in your constructible pool each summer? Exposing it to the woes of winter might turn it into a one-season wonder. Tuck it away into the garage after a solid scrubbing. Make sure any bleach or chlorine is fully rinsed off, and wrap it in a tarp so you won’t have to deal with bugs, grime and dust next summer.

3. Recreational equipment

From dirt bikes to jet skis and everything in between, even if your recreational equipment is great for winter sports, it still needs protection from the elements. Carve out a space in the garage to keep your equipment dry, temperate and easily accessible.

However, none of these items are going to be safe in a garage without a properly installed garage door. And if the springs on the garage door or the opener aren’t in perfect working order? This routine autumn task can take a fast turn for the worse. Before filling up the garage, take time to schedule a routine maintenance check. From sensors that don’t work to panel doors that shake dangerously when they open, your garage door has a big job—and it needs bi-annual maintenance to stay in top working order.

This season is ideal for garage maintenance, since the last thing you want is to struggle with a cranky overhead door in the middle of a snowstorm. An upgrade might be in order—and properly working, insulated doors are what you and your equipment warrant for a peaceful winter.

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