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3 Reasons Your Garage is Holiday Central

Christmas Garage

Is your garage doing all it can? No matter what your reason for the season, chances are you’ll have some gifts, a decoration or two, and maybe some family coming to stay with you during the final hurrah of 2014. Everyone can use more of three big things: Money, time and space. Luckily, your garage serves as the perfect spot for holiday central, ensuring you stay just a little saner during this hectic time of year. Don’t overlook the ultimate in storage, gift hiding and maybe even an extra guest room during the most wonderful time of the year.

What makes the garage your best tool for making it through the holidays? Here’s your list—just make sure you check it twice:

1. It’s Santa’s Secret Hiding Spot

Do your kids know all the tricks, like checking in your closet or under the bed for unwrapped gifts (or even wrapped if they think they’re skilled at re-wrapping)? Use the garage, especially high shelves or tucking gifts into places your kids would never go (like old soil bags for the garden you’ve repurposed). Even though they might think of the garage as a good hiding spot, it’s usually just too big and brimming with storage to make it a worthy venture.

2. It’s Where You Keep Decorations in Check

Do you battle the Griswold’s for the most decorated house in the neighborhood—or simply want to be festive in moderation? Even a couple of decorations can take up a lot of space. Dedicate a part of your garage to holiday organization and this year make it your mission to stay organized. Labeling, clear bins (so you can easily see what’s inside) and maybe some new shelving units mean the holidays are coming a little earlier for the organizer in the family.

3. Let Me Show You to Your Room…

This one’s going to take a little more effort, but with the right insulation and garage door, you can turn your garage into a private guest suite. The most important things to consider is temperature control, safety and of course comfort. You can create either a permanent spare room or a temporary one that can switch between storage space and a spare room depending on your needs. Plus, if you have kids, this is the ultimate indoor-outdoor-at-home kind of camping experience for them.

Your garage is likely an untapped resource—and more resources is exactly what you need between sips of eggnog and bites of holiday cookies. Capitalize on what’s right beneath your nose, whether your nose is oh, so bright or not.

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