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3 Areas Your Commercial Space Can Maximize Security

Commercial Security

From impenetrable dock equipment to roll-down doors that keep your slice of a strip mall safe, the doors separating your business from the masses are crucial. They’re what prevent break-ins, make your employees feel safe during those all-night inventories, and they can even frame your shop and work as part of the architecture. However, when the rest of your space isn’t as secure, savvy burglars can start to think outside the box.

It’s critical to keep your commercial overhead doors maintained and upgraded—but don’t forget about these weak areas:

1. Back-end sheet metal

Depending on the makeup of your commercial space, the only thing that might be separating your goods from the wild outdoors might be sheet metal. A September 21 break-in at the Wagon Wheel Antique Mall in Georgia was pulled off because the criminals simply pulled sheet metal apart in the building’s rear. The proprietor, David Michelini, estimates the thieves took off with about $35,000 in valuables and merchandise—this is the second burglary in recent years.

Just because you’ve never been burglarized before (or even if you have), it’s time to think of overhead doors as one of many tools in your arsenal of defense.

2. The roof

At a strip mall in Madison, Wis., when burglars were eyeing a Payless Shoe Store and couldn’t gain access via the durable overhead doors, they headed north (literally). The alleged thieves got into the building and scrambled down the walls, but management is still assessing the damage and potential loss. Don’t forget about the danger zones right over your head—your roll up doors don’t extend to the roof, so double up on security.

3. The windows

It seems so obvious, but a burglar is going to bypass that gated door and head right for unprotected glass if that’s an option. It was the MO of a “serial burglar” in the Salt Lake City metro area who got away with three burglaries in just a few weeks. However, he was recently caught on tape smashing through a window of an iVape store and quickly stuffing bags with goods and cash.

Including secure overhead doors that cover glass when business is closed is a must-have accessory. They’re more versatile than permanent bars, better in an emergency, and don’t detract from the aesthetics of the business.

Security is a top concern for businesses, and it starts with the right security doors—but it doesn’t end there. Think like a criminal. Does your commercial space have any vulnerable spots?

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